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Half relief large sandstone house. View it HERE.

Fine Scale Buildings Limited are designers and retailers of scale model buildings that can be DOWNLOADED, and then printed out and built by discerning modellers.
We are proud to present an expanding range of model card buildings and structures for you to buy, download, print and build.  Designed to be used on model railway layouts and model street and town scenes as well as in military dioramas. We intend to concentrate on small (and some not so small) structures that can be found in and around the landscape with an emphasis on realism and fine detail. Most of our models come with full interior detail and a range of build options including different company/region liveries for our railway models.

The build article and review of our “Small Greenhouse” model in the March 2015 edition of “Model Rail” magazine said:
“Not only does the model look great, you get a real sense of satisfaction out of completing it. A must for any papercraft fan.”
“Photography can’t do this model justice. Only when you see it in the flesh can you appreciate just how finely detailed and tiny it really is…”

Downloading – Once purchased, your model can be downloaded as a number of PDF files which are compressed into a single ZIP file for download convenience. More information on downloading our models can be found here.

Printing – Once downloaded and unzipped, each file can be opened in the PDF reader of your choice and printed out. More information on printing our models can be found here.

Any Scale – Our models can be built to any scale by simply setting the scale on your printer when printing out the kit. For instance, to convert to HO gauge simply print out our models at 87%. More information on printing out at different scales can be found here.

Building – Hints and tips on building our models can be found here. Or, download our  General Notes a PDF document covering many aspects of building our models.

Card Thickness – Selecting the correct card thickness for our models can sometimes be a problem. Use our handy guide to understanding card thickness  and weights.

Problems? – Helpful (we hope) answers to possible problems you may have using this website and purchasing our products:

Download problems? – help can be found here.

Printing problems? – help can be found here.

(*For personal, non-commercial use only – please see our Conditions of Use)