Construction Tips

General Assembly Tips

Cut out Template.


Mount on card of the required thickness


Cut card around the edges of the template keep knife vertical when cutting especially on thicker card.


If printing on plain paper and glueing to card make sure the glue has set completely before cutting around the template

Cut out the texture wrap that will go around the card base. Leave some space along the edges where a fold mark is shown and trim that after folding.

Fold the texture wrap where indicated by the green marks to give an edge that makes it easier to locate the wrap on the card base. Set the fold by placing on top of the rule and aligning along the edge, run your fingernail or the back of your knife along the edge.

When using A4 label paper Set the fold before removing the backing paper.

Complete the fold by folding completely in two and running your nails along.


Do final trimming.

Wrap the texture around the base card. Make sure it is flat with no bubbles and aligned correctly. (like wallpapering in miniature).


Use your fingernails to create sharp edges around card. (pressing edges vertically on a flat surface works really well also).


If necessary, trim where the wrap folds underneath at an angle with good quality sharp scissors to avoid overlapping layers.

Apply pressure to ensure that the wrap does not lift from the card while the glue is setting.

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