Corrugated Sheets

Embossing Corrugations in Paper Wraps

While our models can be built using our texture wraps which suggest corrugated materials mounted flat on card templates it will improve the look of the model if the texture wraps can be actually corrugated before installing.

There are a number of methods for achieving this effect, a search of the internet will reveal them. I have found the following method works well and requires only a small initial outlay to purchase the materials required to create the tools needed. Of course, once the tools are purchased, there is no limit to the number of corrugated sheets you can produce from them.

  • Corrugation Formers (two needed) – either:
    • Wills Corrugated Asbestos 4mm scale for 6” corrugations in 4mm scale (there are four sheets in each pack – you will need to remove the bolt mouldings from the plastic sheets).
    • Ratio 312 Corrugated Sheet for 3” corrugations in 4mm scale or 6” corrugations in 2mm scale (there are also four sheets in each pack).
  • Rounded rod (I use the end of a paintbrush  or the handle of a scalpel for 4mm scale).

Cut out the wrap to be corrugated. The wraps on our models which allow this corrugation technique are designed to be folded and glued together so that texture is present on both sides of the wrap and give the appearance of an approximate scale thickness. the wraps are also provided with a tab to allow the wrap to be fixed to the former that will provide the corrugations (see below).

corrugate01  corrugate02

Tape the wrap to be corrugated to the edge of the bottom former at one end only.

corrugate03  corrugate04

Using the rounded rod carefully emboss each corrugation into the wrap starting at the taped end. Place and hold the other plastic sheet on top of the wrap as you work to maintain the set of the corrugations along the length of the wrap and to help stop the wrap moving. Move the top former along as each corrugation is set.


When all the corrugations are set remove the corrugated wrap from the bottom plastic former and carefully cut the paper to size.