Finishing and weathering your model need not be the end of your efforts to produce something that you will be proud of. Although Fine Scale Buildings are good looking as they are, or so we like to think,  there is a lot you can do to further enhance the look of your model.

The internet is full of useful advice on detailing. It is a good idea to read about various techniques and use the ones that appeal to you.

A great enhancement is to make the building blend in with the landscape around it. Scenic scatter for grass and weeds, lichen for small shrubs and plants constructed from twisted copper wire painted, covered in PVA glue and sprinkled with scenic scatter before being “planted” adjacent to the building can all help to make a structure that not only looks good, but is also unique. Static grass applied to dabs of PVA glue on a flat tin plate with an applicator, allowed to set, peeled off and then strategically placed produces realistic clumps of longer grass and weeds around the building.

Wire used in various forms can provide extra detail, from bean poles and fence posts, to TV and wireless aerials. Thin copper, or cotton coated with PVA glue, stuck to walls and roofs can simulate electrical, telephone and TV aerial cabling. Have a look at prototype buildings, they are very often covered in cables, both old and new.

Finally, do not forget to detail the interiors of your buildings if you so wish, Although in many cases it is hard to make out the interiors, it is nice to know they will stand up to really close inspection. Of course, you may chose to install lighting in the building just to show how detailed your interiors are.