Downloading and Accessing Your Files

Your model is downloaded as a number of PDF files which are compressed into a single ZIP file for download convenience. Some computers will automatically unzip a ZIP file after download to expose the contents. Sometimes you only need to double click or right click on the ZIP file to unzip it. Increasingly rarely, you may have to find an application on the internet that will allow you to unzip these types of files. Among the many free applications to look out for that will open ZIP files are:

  • 7zip
  • Zipeg

There are usually three PDF files in the ZIP file:

  • The General Notes – giving safety advice and tips on building our products.
  • The Assembly Notes for the particular model.
  • The Model Sheets.

To open the PDF files on some computers all you need to do is double click on them. However, sometimes you need to have an application installed on your computer that can handle these files. There are a few about, Foxit for example, but our recommendation is the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, produced by the company that invented the file format.