Printing Out in Different Scales

The Fine Scale Buildings models are designed to be modelled in 4mm to the foot (1/76) scale. However, as long as the thickness of card used is scaled roughly proportionately (and that you have the requisite dexterity in modelling to the smaller scales) there is no reason why they cannot be constructed to other scales simply by printing each sheet with the printer set to the appropriate scaling:

Scale Name Printer Scaling  Card Thickness
Thick Medium Thin
1/32 54mm 238% 4mm 2mm 1mm
1/35 218% 4mm 2mm 1mm
1/43.5 O Gauge / 7mm Scale 175% 3.5mm 1.75mm 1mm
1/72 106% 2mm 1mm 0.5mm
1/76 OO/EM/P4 Gauge / 4mm Scale 100% 2mm 1mm 0.5mm
1/87 HO Gauge / 3.5mm Scale 87% 2mm 1mm 0.5mm
1/100 76% 1.5mm 0.75mm 0.35mm
1/148 British N Gauge 53% 1mm 0.5mm 0.25mm
1/152 2mm Scale 50% 1mm 0.5mm 0.25mm

Please note: that the model sheets are designed to be printed on A4/Letter paper, if you choose to print out at a larger scale; you can tile sheets on an A4/Letter printer, print on a printer that can handle larger paper sizes, or use the following procedure:

For information on how to print out larger scales on an A4/Letter sized printer click here.