Weathering Techniques

Do not forget to weather the model for an even more realistic look.

The images of our models displayed on the website have all been simply weathered and distressed.

There a a number of ways of weathering structures to make them look more realistic. A search of the internet reveals a wide range of weathering techniques. Here is one that has worked well for us.

Using the rear edge of your knife scape a small amount of black, grey, green and brown artists pastels into a shallow dish or container. With a cotton bud or a artists brush, work small amounts of the pastels in varying combinations onto the building. Look at real life examples of where dirt, soot, rust and green moss form on buildings and how water damage effects the look of structures to recreate an authentic look. Build up the weathering in a number of layers.

When you are happy with the effect you can seal the pastels using artists colourless fixative spray, or even hairspray. (but test the hairspray method on a scrap piece first). Remember to protect any windows as you do this as it can effect the opacity of the glazing.