Creating Glazed Features

This is where we strongly recommend printing such features on sticky label paper as the following technique is an easy way to create accurate windows with good looking glazing bars and little marking on the glazing material.

Print the glazed feature wrap on sticky label media that is suitable for your printer.

Cut out the wrap with the glazed features. Do not cut out any of the glazed openings yet.

Stick the wrap to the glazing material of your choice.



Very carefully with a sharp blade cut out the glazed openings in the wrap (you can cut into the glazing bars if you wish as the label is firmly attached to the transparency film and will not move). Do not cut through the transparency film, only the label (you will feel when the paper is cut through as the cutting action suddenly becomes very smooth).

When the cuts are made carefully lift a corner of the label with the knife blade and peel off the surplus material. We think you will be pleased with the results.

window02  window03

Our thanks for this technique goes to Doug Dickson who goes under the name “Chubber” when he posts on  the RMweb forums ( which are an invaluable resource for railway modellers.